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If you need official documents for use in a foreign country, for example when buying a property abroad, you may require the services of a Notary Public. We can offer those services at Sheppersons.

A Notary Public is a specialist lawyer who has the authority to witness or certify documents for use in foreign countries. For example, if you’re buying a property abroad you may be required to give your lawyer in that country the power to handle the purchase. Our Notary Public can witness you signing a Power of Attorney and then notarise this document to ensure that it is accepted in the country involved. By virtue of the Notary’s signature and official seal, authorities abroad will be assured that the relevant checks have been carried out.

Situations where you may need a Notary Public include:

  • Sending a certified copy of your passport
  • Certifying exam certificates for use abroad
  • Buying or selling a property abroad
  • Swearing an oath or affidavit
  • Making a statutory declaration
  • Proving single status when marrying abroad
  • Getting permission for a child to travel with one parent
  • Registering Trade Marks

The list of situations that require a Notary Public is long and varied. If you have been told that you need a document ‘notarising’, bring it to Sheppersons and our Notary Public will be able to provide the necessary validation.

Need a document validated for use abroad? Call Sheppersons on 0300 303 3805