Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) can be complex and require specialist legal advice. Our lawyers are experienced in advising clients on their options when it comes to assigning LPAs and ensuring that their wishes are properly applied.

As you look ahead to the latter years of your life, you may be concerned about choices that might be made on your behalf, should you lose the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. A Lasting Powers of Attorney will enable you (the donor) to give someone of your choice (the attorney) the legal right to manage your affairs. The attorney will be legally obliged to act only in your best interests at all times, and various safeguards exist to ensure this.

If you lose mental capacity and do not have an LPA, then someone will have to apply to the Court of Protection to become entitled to manage your affairs. This may not be the person you would have chosen. By creating an LPA in advance you are able to choose someone you trust while you have the mental capacity to do so. Sheppersons’s lawyers will guide you through the necessary steps.

There are two distinct variants of LPA:

  • A Financial Decisions LPA, which gives someone the authority to deal with your finances and property
  • A Health & Welfare LPA, which authorises someone to make decisions relating to your health care, welfare and, in some cases, end of life treatment.

You have a number of options as to who you appoint to which purpose and how your attorneys should act together. We will explain all the choices available to you and make sure you are left with a decision that gives you complete peace of mind.

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