Business Disputes

The best way to tackle any business dispute is to deal with it early and resolve it with a minimum of conflict.

Sheppersons dispute resolution team understand how business disputes can devour time and resources and sour relationships and reputations, and our advice is always given with these factors in mind.

Typical disputes that we regularly help to resolve include breach of contract, negligence and unpaid debts. We appreciate the impact on a business of having to pursue a dispute and we listen carefully to understand the nature of the problem you’re facing, as every dispute has its own nuances.

Sheppersons Reigate & Horley Business Dispute team is experienced in coming up with creative solutions, always with your best interests in mind. We have the expertise to help you resolve your dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution, which involves negotiating a settlement in a non-adversarial way, such as through mediation. This provides a much more cost-effective and convenient solution than taking your dispute to court. If a dispute does have to be settled in court, we will provide the strongest possible legal representation.

Typical disputes that we help to resolve through non-adversarial negotiation include:

  • Contract Disputes
  • Commercial Property Disputes
  • Insolvency Disputes

For a quick resolution to a business dispute, call Sheppersons on 0300 303 3805